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deviceOwl Released
Glass Break Sensor
Heat Sensor
Occupancy Sensor

Anonymize Faces in Photos

anonymize faces in photos automatically, before sharing

Purge Photo Metadata

purge personally identifying metadata from photos

Custom Touch-ups

apply touch-ups to other parts of photos that you want to keep private

Check Smart Devices

check the capabilities & surveillance potential of household smart devices

Check Suspicious Devices

check suspicious & unknown devices for surveillance potential

Review Device Capabilities

review device capabilities with a focus on privacy & surveillance potential

Protect Files While Travelling

decentralized storage immunizes your protected files against theft and reverse engineering, when your baggage is unattended, you're snoozing in an airport or on a plane, or you lose your storage media.

Protect Files for Storage

provides highly effective protection for your sensitive documents, such as finance and tax documents, data files, photos, movies, e-mail archives, and many other types of data files

Use Your Existing Storage

the best file protection uses your existing, trusted storage habits, instead of forcing you to use the cloud.