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Best Practices for Checking Devices with deviceOwl

28th October, 2020 | Infographic | Entropic

deviceOwl is an AI “point-and-shoot” hardware device scanner that helps you identify the make and model of covert spy devices, and popular household smart devices, revealing their sensory capabilities, and their privacy implications.

To help you get the most out of deviceOwl's visual device inspection capabilities, we compiled some recent device sample feedback to illustrate by level of importance, the top reasons why a device may not be detected by deviceOwl.

Best Practices for Device Checking with deviceOwl

To check whether a sample you previously submitted has been added to deviceOwl's knowledge, tap the "News" icon from the main screen of deviceOwl, which lists the most recent updates to the device knowledge.

For more general, and device-specific guidance on checking specific types of devices, you can also tap the steps icon on deviceOwl's main screen, or in the device checking viewfinder.