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deviceOwl v3.7 - Released

2nd Nov, 2022 | Product Release

deviceOwl - Discover Device Potential

We're pleased to announce the release v3.7 of deviceOwl - an App to help you efficiently identify smart devices and covert consumer surveillance devices using AI computer vision.

DeviceOwl is a "point-and-shoot" hardware device scanner that visually comprehends and identifies thousands of popular consumer smart devices and covert spy cameras, helping individuals to identify devices, understand their sensory capabilities, and the resulting privacy implications.

Enhancements in this release include Lidar Ranging, Lighting & Haptic Feedback and a new Expert Mode.

Updates in this Release

More Information

More information is available at

deviceOwl is now available on the App Store. For more information, please refer to the deviceOwl product overview.

We hope you find this app useful, and appreciate your comments and feedback.

Thank you!