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Panwrypter - Decentralized File Protection on Your Own Terms


Panwrypter is a new way to protect and store your most sensitive files. Panwrypter adds a physical dimension to protecting your files, making it impossible for an attacker to gain access to them, and giving you back the control you need, allowing you to govern where they are stored, and whether they should exist.

Panwrypter is intended mainly for protecting your most important files. Learn more. In the next sections, we'll provide a detailed overview of how to protect and restore your files using Panwrypter.

To help you get started quickly with using Panwrypter, please refer to our tutorials.

For an explanation of terms used in Panwrypter, please refer to the Panwrypter terminology reference.

Getting Started

Getting Started

From this screen, you have the option of protecting or restoring your files.

Once you have made your selection, select the next (>) button to proceed with Protecting Files or Restoring Files.

Using the gear icon in the bottom-left of the screen, you can also configure specific App Preferences for Protect and Restore operations.