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volteFace v1.2 Release - Anonymize Photos

16th May, 2019 | Product Release

volteFace - Anonymize Photos

We are proud to announce the release of volteFace - an App to help you efficiently anonymize your photos, making them resistant to machine-based analysis & facial recognition.

Increasingly, every photo that you post or share online becomes subject to collection by the private sector & governments for the purposes of building better facial recognition systems.

While many of these systems have honorable causes, unfortunately there are very few effective laws & controls that govern how individuals' photos are collected, amassed, analyzed, and protected. This means that your photos can be "appreciated" by machines in ways that you did not intend or realize when you initially posted them, further eroding your privacy.

With volteFace you can govern whether or not you want your photos to be "appreciated" by machines, while still allowing them to be appreciated by the people who you share them with - as originally intended.

volteFace fortifies your digital photos by automatically identifying & anonymizing key facial "landmarks" in selected photos - the ones that machine-based facial recognition systems depend upon. Additionally, volteFace also automatically purges personally identifying metadata commonly embedded within your photos, which can reveal your physical GPS location, altitude, camera details & other vendor-specific information.

An additional touch-up feature can be used to anonymize additional features of a photo, such as signs and landmarks in the background of a shot.

volteFace is now available on the App Store. For more information, please refer to our product overview.

We hope you find this app useful, and appreciate your comments and feedback.

Entropic Development