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Entropic Delivers Convenient Facial Recognition Protection for Photographs

27th June, 2019

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Entropic, an innovator in cyberprivacy and decentralization, today announced volteFace – empowering individuals to conveniently anonymize their photos, making them resistant to machine-based facial comparison & recognition.

volteFace fortifies photos directly from your mobile device, by identifying and anonymizing key facial landmarks that machine-based facial recognition systems depend upon to identify individuals.

Features of volteFace include:

- Detect & anonymize faces in photos
- Conveniently process multiple photos at once
- Review & anonymize other parts of a photo such as signs and landmarks, prior to sharing
- Purge personally identifying information from photos, including physical GPS location

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Photos & videos that you post or share online are increasingly becoming subject to collection, analysis and comparison by entities for whom they were not originally intended.

Advancements in artificial intelligence & machine vision are yielding increasingly robust and aggressive facial comparison & recognition systems, which are being marketed to consumers, businesses, and governments worldwide. While the use of facial recognition has very important and justifiable causes, globally there are very few effective controls that govern how individuals' photos can be collected, amassed, analyzed, and protected. This means that your photos can be "appreciated" by machines, and exploited by nefarious entities in ways that you did not intend or realize when you originally posted them.

Advancing an unprecedented agenda of control, aggressive private sector entities & nation-states are leveraging these improvements in AI, with intelligent edge-based video monitoring hardware, and the widespread availability of shared photos & videos, to amass repositories containing billions of individual profiles. The resulting monitoring infrastructure can erode the privacy and freedom of individuals.

volteFace empowers individuals to conveniently anonymize their photos prior to sharing, making them resistant to machine-based facial recognition, while still allowing them to be appreciated by the people who they share them with - as originally intended.

About Entropic

Entropic is an innovator in cyberprivacy and decentralization. Our mission is to deliver ground breaking ways to empower individuals to protect their privacy and identity, while using the products and services they prefer.

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volteFace is available immediately via the App Store

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